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Phoenix was completed in January 2011 for multiple-percussion soloist and concert band. The piece was created at the request of percussionist Dr. Susan-Martin Tariq for the WT symphonic band’s spring tour. The piece is in an ABA form with lively asymmetrical sections surrounding a segment that is more persistent and march-like. The solo percussionist introduces rhythmic motives that become melodic figures in the winds. The piece is melodically octatonic throughout as the harmonic content shifts from tertian to quartal/quintal sonorities. The slow crescendo of the middle portion is punctuated by a brief recapitulation and a coda that concludes the quintal harmony motif by using the soloist as the rhythmic drive bringing the piece to its conclusion and allowing the Phoenix to soar.


Phoenix – Full Score

The downloadable score is print-protected. For a complete score and parts, available at no charge, please contact me.

Path to Polaris
  1. Path to Polaris
  2. Symphony No. 3, Gödel, Escher, Bach
  3. Isabella Air
  4. Dreams in the Dusk – Band
  5. Dreams in the Dusk – TTB
  6. Caprice
  7. El Symbola Zia